Readmits and Nondegree-Seekers

If you've taken classes at KU before or wish to take a class that won't necessarily count toward a degree at KU, follow these special application instructions.

How should you apply?

As a...


Apply as a readmit if

  • you attended KU before
  • you earned grades of A, B, C, D, F, WG, or I, and
  • it has been one semester or longer since you have attended KU


There is no fee for the readmit application, which contains a place for you to list your activities since leaving KU and include any schools you've attended.


Readmission is not guaranteed to students who left or were dismissed from KU. You may be readmitted if you left KU in good academic standing and are in good standing with all other institutions you've attended since your enrollment here.

Application deadlines for readmits who left KU in good academic standing

Spring 2020 - January 14

Summer 2020 - May 26

Fall 2020 - August 17


Applicants to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences who were academically dismissed will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Dismissed readmits must submit official transcripts from all schools attended since leaving KU by the deadline below to be considered for readmission.

Application deadlines for dismissed students

Spring 2020 - January 7

Summer 2020 - May 19

Fall 2020 - August 10


Apply as a transfer student if you

  • have attended KU only as a nondegree-seeking student after high school and
  • now want to apply as a degree-seeking student

Application deadlines for transfers


Apply as a freshman if you

  • have attended KU only as a nondegree-seeking student while still in high school and
  • now want to apply as a degree-seeking student.

Application deadlines for freshmen

Nondegree-seeking student

Apply as a nondegree-seeking student if you

  • are a student visiting from another college or university and want to transfer a KU course to your home institution
  • are a high school student who plans to take a college-level course during high school, or
  • are taking a class for personal enrichment, but not to obtain a degree

Nondegree-seeking students are limited to six credit hours per semester and generally do not receive financial aid or live in university housing. Courses taken as nondegree-seeking do not automatically apply toward a KU degree.


Spring 2020 - January 17

Summer 2020 - June 1

Fall 2020 - August 21

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