Special Events

Postponed until we can join together safely

Throughout the year, KU hosts events both on and off campus that address specific student populations. The best way to be notified of upcoming events like these is to join our mailing list — if one seems like a good fit for the kind of student you are, we’ll make sure to invite you when events are rescheduled.

Students going down stairwell

Fall events

  • Legacy Day

    On-campus event for children or grandchildren of KU alumni

  • KU in KC

    Off-campus event for Kansas City-area students

  • KU in Wichita

    Off-campus event for Wichita-area students

  • Crimson & Blue Open House

    On-campus all-day event for all students

  • Leadership Symposiums

    On-campus all-day events for high school students of color

  • ACT Power Prep Workshop

    On-campus event for Lawrence-area ACT takers

Spring events

  • Destination KU

    On-campus all-day events for first-generation students

  • Rock Chalk Days

    On-campus open house events for all students

  • ACT Power Prep Workshop

    Off-campus event for ACT takers in select regions

  • Rock Chalk Receptions

    Off-campus events for students outside Lawrence

  • Sorority or Fraternity Experience Events

    On-campus event for students interested in sororities and fraternities

  • Counselor Day

    On-campus all-day event for high school counselors

  • Super Saturday

    On-campus event for middle school students

  • Sophomore Day

    On-campus event for 10th grade students

  • Junior Days

    On-campus all-day event for 11th grade students