Pay the enrollment deposit

Make it official Paying your enrollment deposit acts as your official acceptance of KU’s admission offer and includes Orientation, first-year programming and your KU Card — all with one deposit.


You can pay your $221 enrollment deposit starting in mid-September. Paying the enrollment deposit by May 1 is a recommended deadline to make your college decision but we understand you may need more time. Your admission to KU is secure and you can make the decision when it works best for you and your family.

What does the enrollment deposit cover?

The deposit confirms your place in the incoming KU class. The deposit covers Orientation and first-year and retention programming, and the cost of your KU Card.

When can I register for Orientation?

You can register for Orientation within two hours after the enrollment deposit is received and once Orientation sessions have been opened. Freshmen  starting in the fall can start registering for Orientation after Feb. 3.


Do Transfer students pay an enrollment deposit?

Transfer students do not pay an enrollment deposit. However, they will have a one-time $171 new student fee placed on their student account after enrolling in KU courses. This fee covers Orientation, First-Year Programs, and the KU card. After enrollment, this fee is non-refundable.

When can I register for Orientation?

Transfer students starting in the fall can register for Orientation beginning Feb. 3 once they are admitted to KU.

How to pay online

There is no charge for paying by electronic check. There is a 2.85% charge for paying with a credit card (MasterCard, Discover, Visa, and American Express are accepted). 

If a parent is paying for you, see Parent Payment instructions below. Do not share your KU Online ID and password with anyone else.

  1. Create your KU Online ID
  2. Log in to Enroll & Pay
  3. If Enroll and Pay logs you out, click on Enroll and Pay in the upper right corner and login again.
  4. Once logged in, go to “Student Financial”, click “Make Payment” then “Pay tuition, housing, other.
  5. You will then need to login again using Single Sign-on
  6. Make payment, click $221 and continue
  7. Choose payment – if paying by credit card, choose Credit Card via Path
  8. Click continue and finish payment process

If you have recently been admitted and do not see a charge, please check back tomorrow.

Confirm the payment

Your payment will post to your account within a few hours of being received. To confirm that we've received your payment:

  1. Log in to Enroll & Pay
  2. Click "Student Center"
  3. Click "Account Management" in the finances section
  4. Click the "Activity" tab. This page will display your enrollment deposit charge and payment.
Parent/delegate payment

You can assign a parent or delegate the ability to pay your enrollment deposit and future bills at KU. Students must set up this access themselves — don't share your KU Online ID and password with others. To allow parents/delegates to make payments on your behalf, they must be setup in two places, first as a Delegate in Enroll & Pay, then also as a Payment Delegate with our third party payment vendor. Please follow both sets of instructions below. To set up a delegate:

  1. Create your KU Online ID
  2. Log in to Enroll & Pay
  3. Click on "Student delegation"
  4. Click on "Set up Delegates"
  5. Fill out your delegate’s information & check the boxes that correspond with the access you wish to allow (Student Financials must be checked to allow payments).
  6. Click on “Send Email”. Your delegate will receive their login information by email.

**To allow your delegate/parent to make payments on your behalf, you also need to proceed to Payment Delegate setup directions below**

To set up a payment delegate

  1. After logging into Enroll & Pay, click on the “Campus Finances” folder.
  2. Click on “Make Payment-Recharge KU Card” link.
  3. Click on “Pay Tuition, Housing and Other Charges” button. (Make sure pop-ups are allowed. You may need to select your Campus Identity provider-University of Kansas (Lawrence Campus) or University of Kansas Medical Center).
  4. Click on “Payment Delegates”.
  5. Click on “Add Payment Delegate” and fill out your payment delegate’s information, then click on “Continue”.
  6. Read the agreement and click the “I Agree” box, then click “Continue”. Your payment delegate will receive their login information by email.

How delegates pay the enrollment deposit

  1. Log in to the Delegate Enroll & Pay site at using the credentials you received via email from titled “Message from your student.” (On your first visit you will set a personalized password, select a four digit PIN and choose security questions).
  2. Click on the “Campus Finances” folder.
  3. Click on the “Make Payment-Recharge KU Card” link.
  4. Click on “Pay Tuition, Housing and Other Charges” button. (This opens a new window/tab to our third party vendor, so make sure pop-ups are allowed).
  5. Log in to this payment delegate site using the second set of credentials you received from titled-“You have been given access”. (Please note: this temp password is different from your Enroll & Pay delegate temp password. You may choose to make your permanent password here match your Enroll & Pay delegate password for convenience).
  6. Click on “Make a Payment” and follow the instructions to pay by e-Check or credit card.

How to remove a delegate

You can remove a delegate by clicking the "deactivate" button and saving changes on the Delegate Options page in Enroll & Pay. You can also add new delegates through the "Add New Delegate" button on the same page.

More information on delegates

Deferring the enrollment deposit

Freshmen may request a deferment of the enrollment deposit by submitting the Enrollment Deposit Deferment Form - you'll need to login to submit this form, so make sure your KU online ID and password is handy. If your deposit is deferred, the $221 will be added to your KU bill and may be paid at a later time when that bill is due.

To qualify for deferment you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Received an application fee grant
  • Are eligible for a federal Pell Grant
  • Participate in one of the following programs: Upward Bound, Talent Search, LULAC, Student Support Services, Educational Opportunity Center, GEAR Up, Kauffman Scholar, 20/20 Leadership Program, AVID, ECO Program, or Project Discovery
  • Received an ACT/SAT fee waiver
  • Participate in federal free/reduced lunch program
Requesting a refund


The ability to request a refund of your enrollment deposit depends on other steps you've taken with KU.

  1. Not refundable if: you've already enrolled in classes
  2. Not refundable if: you made the request after the May 1 deadline
  3. Not refundable if: you attended orientation
  4. Refundable if: you notify KU that you are not coming by May 1 by filling out the form at and depending on if you have any KU charges on your account.

The deadline to request a refund is May 1. If you'd like to request a refund, fill out this form.

Steps to Pay
  1. Create your KU Online ID
  2. Log in to Enroll & Pay
  3. Select payment method option or defer payment
  4. Check payment confirmation
Having trouble paying the deposit?

Contact the IT Customer Service Center