Info For Alumni Volunteers

KU alumni can help recruit future Jayhawks by volunteering with our HAWK program (Helpful Alumni Working for KU).

What do HAWKs do?

HAWKs connect with future Jayhawks in the following ways:

  1. Attend college fairs. Prospective students attend college fairs, usually held in September and October, to learn about their college choices. At the fair, HAWKs share basic information about KU and answer general questions. We will provide KU materials such as brochures and table decor in addition to more detailed instructions.
  2. Attend recruitment events. We host many evening events for future Jayhawks throughout the year, both in Kansas and around the country. HAWKs can host events, assist with check-in, distribute information, mingle with guests, and talk about their KU experience. As events are scheduled, we will email HAWKs who live nearby to ask for volunteers.
  3. Participate in postcard campaigns. The easiest way HAWKs can help is by writing postcards to 10-15 students in your area. We'll provide blank postcards, postage, and a list of students.

How much time does it take to be a HAWK?

HAWKS may spend as a little as one to two hours per year up to a few hours every couple of months. The level of time commitment is up to you. When you sign up, let us know the activities you're most interested in.