Academics at KU

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Learning for life

KU is a prestigious teaching and research university. Our professors are top scholars and researchers who don't just teach you the facts. They'll help you develop critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and research skills that'll set you up for success.

Turn any interest into a major, any passion into a career

Answer the questions that keep you up at night. At KU, you'll tailor your studies to what you want to learn. We'll help you translate it to a degree and to goals that stretch beyond graduation.

We've got your major, even if you don't know it yet

We’re here to help you discover things you haven't heard of and find out what's right for you. If you're undecided, you can work toward graduation requirements while you make a decision.

Most popular majors at KU

  • Engineering
  • Business/accounting
  • Psychology
  • Journalism
  • Pharmacy
  • Biological sciences
  • Education

Prepared to take the future by storm

With certificates that focus on real-world experience, opportunities for undergraduate research, more than 150 study abroad programs, and a network of alumni who know the value of hiring fellow Jayhawks, you'll leave here with the confidence to pursue any career you choose.

KU has five career centers: the main University Career Center, with services for all students, and four school-based centers, with specialized resources for business, engineering, journalism, and music. You'll find career prep courses, job and internship databases, career fairs, resume reviews, advisors, and other services to get you off to a great start after graduation.

How it adds up


find jobs or attend graduate school within 6 months of graduating



employers recruit KU students on campus


complete an internship


college in Kansas for graduate salary potential


students study abroad each year


in our alumni network

More About KU

Top honors program

We have one of the best-ranked honors programs in the country, offering special courses taught by top faculty, out-of-class academic experiences, graduate-level research, and a supportive intellectual community.

Honors at KU

Do things that make you better. Do things that make you nervous. Because I promise, if you challenge yourself, there’s no limit to what you can do here.
KU's 17th chancellor, Bernadette Gray-Little