J. L. Cleland GLBT Non-discrimination Scholarship

The Cleland Scholarship is a nonrenewable scholarship for a student who has experienced discrimination, bullying, and/or violence based on support for GLBT persons. It is available to eligible freshmen who enroll at any time, and it can be combined with any other renewable KU scholarships.

Scholarship amount


Eligibility requirements

Application will go live on September 4th and closes on January 31st

Award preference will be given to incoming freshmen from rural Kansas high schools who intend to major in education.

How to apply

The application for this scholarship can be found at ku.academicworks.com

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Application Deadlines

January 15, 2019

Deadline to apply for Spring 2019 Semester


May 28 2019

Deadline to apply for Summer 2019 Semester


August 19, 2019

Deadline to apply for Fall 2019 Semester


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