Before you've been admitted, you can use this tool, using Safari or Google Chrome, to search for courses offered at another institution and see how they have previously transferred to KU.

If you've already been admitted, you can check transfer credit on your Degree Progress Report (DPR), or in your student portal.

CredTran Tips

Contact if you have any questions.

  • Courses in CredTran are added and updated regularly to reflect the most current information.
  • If the course or school you are looking for is not listed on CredTran, it has not yet been reviewed for transferability. We will evaluate the course after you have been admitted to KU.
  • The fact that a course appears on CredTran does not guarantee it will transfer the same for your individual case. If a course has changed content, hours, or KU has revised its policy on how to accept credit since it was last evaluated, you will see an updated evaluation when your individualized one has been completed.
  • If your college is part of a system (e.g., Maple Woods, Blue River, and Penn Valley campuses are all part of Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City), you will find the most current evaluations under the primary system name.
  • “S” in front of a number indicates the course is satisfied, but junior/senior credit is not awarded. Regardless of an “S” courses are matched as closely as possible by topic, but different schools may designate different levels of credit for a similar course. KU grants the level of credit defined by the originating institution. So, an upper-level course completed at your original institution may match to a lower-level course at KU, but it would still retain upper-level credit on your transcript, and vice versa.
  • The fact that a class from your current or former school is listed on CredTran does not guarantee that the school currently offers it or plans to offer the course in the future.
  • Courses that have not been listed in the college catalog of a transfer institution for over 10 years may not be available to view on CredTran. These courses will be evaluated upon receipt of your transcript.
  • CredTran is not compatible with Internet Explorer

Use this tool to search for courses offered at another institution and see how they have previously transferred to KU.