Sasha Kuchinski Profile Picture

Sasha Kuchinski

Political science and journalism (news and information)
KU Class of 2009
Mankato, Kansas
Wichita, Kansas
the Greater Wichita Area

Here to answer your questions about…

  • admission requirements, scholarships, and financial aid
  • writing for the University Daily Kansan, our student newspaper
  • participating in greek life at KU
  • meaningful campus landmarks like the Memorial Campanile and Chi Omega fountain
  • using two words — "Rock Chalk!" — to become instant friends with strangers

Ask Sasha

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School Visit
Frederic Remington H. S., Whitewater, KS
School Visit
Clearwater High School, Clearwater, KS
School Visit
Andover High School, Andover, KS
School Visit
El Dorado High School, El Dorado, KS
KACRAO - Hutchinson High School
Hutchinson, KS
KACRAO - Pratt Community College
Pratt, KS
School Visit
Nickerson High School, Nickerson, KS
School Visit
Halstead High School, Halstead, KS
School Visit
Wellington High School, Wellington, KS
School Visit
Eisenhower High School, Goddard, KS
School Visit
Goddard High School, Goddard, KS
School Visit
Central Christian High School, Hutchinson, KS