Appealing Credit Decisions

If you have a course on your transcript that didn't transfer the way you thought it should, email or call our team at 785-864-3911. We can provide information about the evaluation process and, if you choose to, help you begin the appeals process.

Transfer credit review & appeals process

The University of Kansas has identified the following review and appeals process for transfer credit evaluation.

  1. Course transfer analysis is conducted by the Office of Admissions based upon departmental guidelines. (A list of courses which have previously been evaluated for transfer credit is available through our CredTran tool.)
  2. The Office of Admissions will refer courses not already evaluated and not covered by departmental guidelines to faculty committees in the relevant departments.
  3. Appeals of course transfer and equivalency decisions will be directed to the next-highest level curriculum committee at the school or College level.
  4. General Education transfer equivalencies will be reviewed by the Committee on Undergraduate Studies and Advising (CUSA) in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 
  5. Transfer issues related to school-level degree requirements will be reviewed at the school level. 
  6. All appeals will be directed to a Transfer and Articulation Review Committee appointed by the provost.