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Appealing credit decisions

How to transfer credits

Many classes at your current or former school may be transferred to KU. However, you must submit official transcripts of completed course work before a final determination can be made.

KU uses a Transfer Equivalency System called CredTran, which is provided as a guide to how classes at your current or former school are transferred to KU. However, note that:

  • The fact that a course appears in the list does not guarantee that the course will transfer in your individual case.
  • After you're admitted to KU, we'll evaluate your official transcripts. Apply as early as possible because some courses may take time to evaluate. You’ll have the chance to review your Degree Progress Report (DPR) at or prior to your orientation and enrollment program to see which courses transferred and how they will apply to a KU degree.
  • If the course or school you are looking for is not on the list, we will evaluate those courses after you have been admitted to KU. Keep in mind, KU does not accept any courses that are remedial, vocational, or technical in nature.
  • Just because the course may transfer to KU does not mean that it will fulfill a requirement. See Understanding the Codes for more information.
  • The fact that a class from your current or former school is listed does not guarantee that the school currently offers the course or plans to offer the course in the future
  • CredTran is subject to frequent revision and courses are added regularly. The date at the bottom of a particular school listing reflects the latest revision date for transfer equivalencies from that school.
  • Courses that haven’t been offered from an issuing institution for over ten years are not available to view on CredTran.  These courses will be evaluated for transferability upon receipt of the transcript.  Please contact for equivalency information or questions.
  • Junior/Senior Credit is not awarded for courses that are taught at a community college.
  • “S” in front of a number indicates the course is satisfied, but junior/senior credit is not awarded.
Appealing credit decisions
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