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Appealing credit decisions

How to transfer credits

Many classes at your current or former school may be transferred to KU. A determination of how your credits transfer will be made once you have been admitted at KU and official transcripts of completed course work have been submitted to the Office of Admissions, 1502 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS 66045.

  • Before you are admitted you can view courses that have previously transferred to KU by visiting CredTran, a guide we provide to assist you with your transfer process.
  • Transfer guides for the 19 community colleges in the State of Kansas provide additional information about transferability of courses and how your courses can fit into a degree plan.
  • Once you have been admitted you may review your Degree Progress Report (DPR) to see which courses transferred and how they will apply toward your KU degree. You will learn more about your DPR when you attend orientation.

Transferability of courses:

  • At KU we transfer as many courses as a direct match as possible. In the case that we don’t have a corresponding course we use a transfer code system to indicate that the course transfers. Coded courses may fulfill KU Core requirements, degree requirements, and or count toward elective hours.
  • KU can only accept transfer credit from institutions that were accredited by a regional accrediting agency at the time the courses were completed.
  • KU does not accept any courses that are developmental, vocational, medical, or technical in nature. (Visit with your individual school if you plan to attend a program at the KU Medical Center campus.)
  • Junior/Senior Credit is not awarded for courses that are taught at a community college.
  • Effective on all courses transferred Spring 2017 and beyond: Lower division courses (courses numbered 100-299 at KU) and upper division courses (courses numbered 300 and above at KU) may be matched to a course of opposite level at KU, but will be awarded the level of credit as defined by the originating institution.
  • All transfer hours are, if necessary, converted to semester hours.
  • Transferable credit may not be applied toward a degree in which a grade of D+ and below (or the equivalent grade) was earned. If the course is otherwise transferable, grades of D+, D, D-, and F (or the equivalent grades) are used to calculate the cumulative transfer GPA.
  • Separate policies and procedures are maintained to evaluate transfer of credit from international institutions that are not accredited by a US regional accrediting association.

CredTran tips, tricks, and important information

  • KU uses a Transfer Equivalency System called CredTran, which is provided as a guide to how classes at your current or former school are transferred to KU.
  • CredTran is subject to frequent revision and courses are added and updated regularly.
  • If the course or school you are looking for is not found on CredTran, it has not yet been reviewed for transferability. We will evaluate the course based on the criteria listed here after you have been admitted to KU. Please contact with questions.
  • The fact that a course appears on CredTran does not guarantee that the course will transfer the same for your individual case. If a course has changed content, hours, or KU has revised its policy on how to accept credit since the last evaluation of a course you will see an updated evaluation when your individualized evaluation has been completed.
  • If your college is part of a system (ie. Maple Woods, Blue River, Penn Valley are all campuses that are part of Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City), you will find the most current evaluations under the primary system name.
  • “S” in front of a number indicates the course is satisfied, but junior/senior credit is not awarded.
  • The fact that a class from your current or former school is found on CredTran does not guarantee that the school currently offers the course or plans to offer the course in the future.
  • Courses that have not been listed in the college catalog of a transfer institution for over ten years may not be available to view on CredTran. These courses will be evaluated on the above criteria upon receipt of the transcript. Please contact with questions.
Appealing credit decisions
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