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The information on this page is for the sole use of undergraduate domestic applicants to the University of Kansas. Do not attempt to access a record you know is not yours. Any person accessing this information using stolen or pirated information is subject to penalties as provided by law.

The information displayed is considered unofficial. Official notification of admission status and materials received comes in a letter mailed directly from the Office of Admissions at the University of Kansas. This Web site cannot be used as proof of admission.

The University of Kansas reserves the right to revoke admission to students who provided fraudulent information on their admission application.

Implied in using this Web site is an understanding of these terms of use.

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Application Information

This section displays information about a student's application: KUID number (student ID), name, date of birth, and address. If any of this information is incorrect, contact the Office of Admissions.

Applications Submitted

This section explains which type of application was submitted (freshman, transfer, or readmit). It also shows the date the application was made (either postmark date or date the application was successfully completed online).

This section also shows the academic program and major indicated on the application. Contact the Office of Admissions if this information is incorrect or needs to be changed.

Supporting Documents Received

This section shows which standardized test scores have been submitted to the KU, the dates the tests were taken, and the date KU received them. Scores will not be shown for confidentiality reasons.

This section also shows which transcripts the university has received, whether they were official or unofficial, the type (work in progress, final, etc.), and the date the transcripts were received in our office. Multiple transcripts from the same school will be listed separately; the dates of attendance are listed to clarify which transcript is on file with the Office of Admissions. Click on the transcript type to learn more about how to view your record using this system.

If you already applied, you can still update your GPA, test scores, or mailing address.

Who can use this search?

Domestic undergraduate students who submitted a freshman, transfer, readmit, or non-degree-seeking application and provided their Social Security number on the application. Please wait seven to 10 days after submitting your application to check your status.

What can you learn?

  • Your KU student ID number
  • The status of your application (accepted, denied, incomplete). Information about scholarships is not available.
  • Transcripts received by our office and the date(s) they arrived.
  • Standardized test scores received by our office and the date(s) they arrived.

What if my information appears to be inaccurate?

Contact the Office of Admissions at 785-864-3911 or adm@ku.edu to provide documentation.

What are my options if I've been denied admission?

You may submit a formal appeal to the Faculty Appeals Committee, which reviews denied applications to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Students denied admission to a professional school may be admitted to the College if they've indicated they want to be considered for multiple schools.

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